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Job Retry

This tutorial explains how to retry job upon certain failures

Assumed Scenario

Retry jobs upon Kubernetes worker node error

How to Set Up

In section Retry Upon Failure of the job, configure Retry Condition to detect appropriate worker node error. For instance on Google Kubernetes Engine, if a node goes down the error message will normally contains such line:

Error from server: Get https://<ip address>:<port>/containerLogs/k8s-test-53/job/main?follow=true&timestamps=true: EOF

Or this line:

Error from server: Get https://<ip address>:<port>/containerLogs/k8s-test-49/job/main?follow=true&timestamps=true: ssh: rejected: connect failed (Connection refused)

So we can write the retry condition as below:

"Error Message" contains "Error from server" and ("Error Message" contains "EOF" or "Error Message" contains "Connection refused")