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Fix Issues via Commit Message

Fixing issues via commit messages is the key to link issues with other objects including commits, builds, pull requests, or even packages.

OneDev will search commit message for issue fix patterns defined in menu Administration / Issue Settings / Commit Message Fix Patterns like below:

commit message pattern

With default settings, one can fix issues via commit messages like below:

  • fix issue #100
  • close #100
  • resolve issue #200: Add Kubernetes support
  • fix issue path/to/project#300: An issue in different project

Or fix issues via convential commmit:

  • feat: Some feature description (#100)
  • fix: Some bug description (#100)
  • chore: Some minor change description (#100)
  • feat(api): API feature description (#100)

Via this approach, OneDev is able to set up cross references between different objects. For instance, you may:

  • Get to know which commit/build a issue is fixed in, or what pull request it is currently being reviewed

    Issue Detail

  • List all issues fixed between any two builds:

    Issues Fixed Between Builds

  • List all pull requests containing the issue:

    Pull Requests Including Issue

  • List all release builds fixing particular issues:

    Release Builds Fixing Issues