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Working with Container Image

Publish Container Image

  1. Login to OneDev docker registry:

    $ docker login

    Login user needs to have package write permission over the project below

  2. Then push image to desired repository under specified project:

    $ docker push<project path>/<repository>:<tag>
    <project path>path of a project with package management enabled
    <repository>repository name of the image. Will be created automatically if not exist
    <tag>tag of the image
  3. You may also do this via publish docker image step in CI/CD job, and specify built-in registry access token secret with package write permission


If OneDev server is accessed via http protocol, please configure your docker daemon or buildx builder to work with insecure registry

Consume Published Image

The package detail page contains instructions on how to consume published image.

Query Published Image

When query published images from package list page, Name represents repository of the image, and Version represents tag of the image.