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Custom Dashboard

This tutorial demonstrates how to create a group dashboard displaying open issues and pull requests need to be handled by login user.

Request a Trial Subscription

Custom dashboard requires a subscription to use. Switch to menu item Administration / Subscription Management, request a trial subscription key and install it into OneDev if you do not have a subscription yet:

request trial subscription

Add a Dashboard

Switch to dashboards menu (will be available after subscription is activated above), create a dashboard and add an issue list and pull request list widgets like below:

issue list

pull request list

Adjust position and size of these widgets so that they display side by side. Save the dashboard.

Share the Dashboard

You may share the dashboard to any group you are currently a member of. To share to other groups or everyone, you need to be site administrator.

share button

share with group

Access the Dashboard

Once shared, the dashboard will appear in dashboard list of group members, and it will be the default dashboard if this is the only dashboard of the login user.

access dashboard